Charcuterie & Meats

Charcuterie WinchesterWe offer interesting and delicious foods from around the world. Our hand-selected offerings  of charcuterie and meats are always changing. We look for special and different products, especially seeking products handcrafted by local artisans.

Check out our platters!

Check out our delicious sausages, salamis, pates, marinated meats, other meats, canned seafood, and smoked fish. A few of the products we carry:


Dom’s Marinated Meats and SausagesMassachusetts
Dole & Bailey Marinated MeatsMassachusetts
D’Artagnan, Foie Gras, sausages, terrines and patesNew Jersey
Les Trois Petits Couchons (3 Little Pigs) Pates and TerrinesNew York
Framani cured meatsCalifornia
Creminelli cured meatsUtah
Molinari cured meatsCalifornia
Palicios ChorizoSpain
Serano HamSpain
Proscuitto di ParmaItaly
Three Little Pigs Pates, Terrines, HamsNew York
Anchovies – Regular and WhiteItaly
Canned seafoodSpain
Sullivan Farm Smoked SalmonMaine
Anchovy PasteItaly
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