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As the last of the snow seems to have finally melted, we are ready for spring around here! I am ready for baseball and spring flowers, but am also ready to move on to spring wine and food…how about you?

If you missed this past Saturday’s April Pairings of the Month tasting, there were several wines and pairings in that lineup that really seem to fit the season.  The Buxy Cote Chalonnaise Blanc , a white Burgundy for under $15, has restrained elegance and good minerality, delicious with the Sequatchie Dancing Fern cheese.  Dancing Fern, doesn’t that sound like something to eat in the spring?

bow tie pasta with asparagus and chickenAsparagus is probably the first ingredient I associate specifically with the spring season. While asparagus can pose some wine pairing challenges, tossing it with pasta and cheese sets up some nice wine pairing options! For instance, this Asparagus Chicken Bow Tie Pasta recipe went very well with a Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley. And one of my favorite asparagus recipes is this Food & Wine recipe for Shaved Raw Asparagus with Parmesan Dressing.  Pick up a bottle of your favorite crisp Italian white from Pairings for this one — maybe a Grillo or Vermentino. 

Red wine fans wanting to enjoy some asparagus this spring, fear not! Roasting or grilling asparagus can set up some good pairings with red wine. Get some details and a recipe here on Cooking Chat.

grilled swordfish on a plate.

I got a sneak preview of some of the upcoming pairings, and I see that one of my favorite rosés in the store will be opened on April 20. The Chateau Pibarnon Bandol Rosé is a wonderful expression of Provence rosé. I’d have to say this wine is my favorite pairing for one of my go to recipes when I start firing up the grill — this simple Grilled Swordfish with Garlic Soy Marinade shown to the right.

Speaking of rosés, have you signed up yet for the First Annual Pairings Rosé Party? The store will close early on Tuesday, April 9, so that rosé lovers can taste rosés not yet available in the store — unless you come to the event! You can purchase wines that night at a 20% discount.

This post is written by David Crowley, a Pairings regular who writes the Food and Wine blog Cooking Chat. David will be writing a regular guest blog post here on the Pairings website.


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  1. Hi David,

    Regarding the wine pairing with Asparagus, being Grillo or Vermentino… Do you also think a Pecorino wine would be suitable too?


    1. Hi Dave–I bet a Pecorino might work nicely! I would actually switch and use Pecorino cheese instead of Parm if I were pour Pecorino wine. They actually go nicely together!

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