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We are Unique

We are on a quest to explore the infinite ways wines and food can go together. We also want to share those discoveries with you.

Always on the lookout for handcrafted cheeses, charcuterie and meats, olive oils, and other unique products, we love foods handcrafted with love and passion.

Come in and have an easy, convenient, interesting, and fun shopping experience!


A Wide Array of Artisanal Cheeses

We source our cheeses from everywhere inside the US and around the world! New seasonal cheeses arrive every week.


We love to share cheese experiences with our customers so please come in and ask for a taste of any of the cheeses in our case; this is fun for us!


Or let us prepare platters for you with cheeses, meats, olives, spreads, jams, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, crackers and other hand-selected specialty foods.


The cheese case is arranged by style, like the wines are at Pairings. Instead of arranging by locale, we find it more important to arrange by flavor/source.

Charcuterie & Meats

We offer interesting and delicious foods from around the world. Come try our small selection of hand-selected charcuterie and meats. We look for special products handcrafted by local artisans to include in our store.




Canned Seafood

Other Meats


Wide Selection of Foods We Tasted and Love:

  • vinegars
  • nuts
  • spices
  • crackers
  • breads
  • chocolates
  • candies
  • cookies
  • jams
  • spreads
  • frozen hors d’oeuvres
  • white truffle butter
  • frozen desserts
  • salsas
  • teas
  • oils
  • hot chocolate
  • honey
  • salts
  • pasta
  • sauces
  • soups
  • beans
  • rice
  • polenta
  • risotto
  • marinated vegetables
  • capers
  • mustards
  • olives
  • dried fruit
  • and more!

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