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What sets our store apart from others is the level of interaction we provide. Not only do we have a knowledgable staff ready to help you make your selections, but we want to help you learn more about your palate as well.

We provide tastings twice a week (we call them "Pairings") where we open a selection of wines from the floor for you to try. Featured wines are always 20% off, and always paired with food. Many times we have guest representatives in to pour the wines, and if we're really lucky - the winemakers themselves!

Our Pairings are always free and a great way to try new wines outside of your comfort zone.


We choose wine by tasting...

and looking for good value. We ask not to be told prices until after we evaluate wines, and prefer not to be told scores.

We taste 10+ wines for each one brought into the store. We do not use scores to choose or market wines.

If you have a favorite wine that you don’t see, let us know! We’ll try to find it for you.

Volume discounts are on all non-sale wines in the store.

Bottles of wine already on sale count towards meeting half and full cases.

10% off half case (6 bottles)

15% off mixed cases (12 bottles)

20% off solid cases (same wine)

20% off 2 or more cases

What We Like about Small Wineries

We favor small, responsible wineries who make interesting and varied wines.

Rich Culture

Our favorite winemakers make wines that  reflect the environment and culture of their locality, and sometimes the personalities of the winemakers too!


Small wineries hand-craft their wines, which can produce something special – unique flavors and exceptional quality. 


We do not use scores to choose or market wines. Instead, we search for interesting wines at all price points to share with you.


Beers, Spirits & Beyond

In addition to wine, we offer a concisely curated selection of craft beer and spirits. We make an effort to support local breweries and distillers, and often invite them to participate in our weekly "Pairings" as well.

Additionally, if you can't find that special Scotch or limited release beer on the shelf, ask our knowledgeable staff, we would be happy to look into ordering it just for you!


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